This page contains some case studies where the BizTalk Maturity Assessment has been used with BizTalk customers and how it helped their organisations.

Case Study 1

  • Industry: Housing

Case Study 1 is about a company based in the UK who had been attempting to implement a BizTalk project for a period of time but was having a number of problems.  In this case study we discuss how the customers capability was assessed and then how we measured the improvement activities that were implemented.

The paper shows how after a period of time the customers capability had improved significantly.

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Case Study 2

  • Industry: Public Sector

Case Study 2 is about a company who had delivered a set of successful BizTalk projects but hadnt really completely transitioned BizTalk into their business as usual team from the original project team.  When they came to do new projects they didnt follow the original practices and had a new set of problems.  This case study looks at an example of this scenario which is surprisingly common in the industry and some observations on how the Maturity Assessment can help you to spot improvements for your team and also ensure when a project ends you can tell a future project team about your current level of maturity so they done reinvent the wheel.

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