If your organisation has invested in Microsoft BizTalk Server as a core part of your integration platform but do not feel its really working out then this website is a key resource that can help you.  A group of professionals who have delivered many BizTalk projects around the world have put together an assessment based on their shared experiences which will help your organisation work out why you are struggling with your implementation of BizTalk Server and the assessment can help you manage the improvement process until things are all working well.

The assessment is free but if you would like some help please refer to the Contributors page where you can contact the contributors from your local area who may be able to help you further.


What is the BizTalk Maturity Assessment

The BizTalk Maturity Assessment is a survey which will assess how your organisation uses BizTalk and help you to identify the areas you are doing in line with common best practices and the weaknesses in your capability.  This key first step of measurement allows you to workout where your going wrong.  A great quote from one of the contributors once was:

If you can’t measure it how can you manage it!




Why do you need the BizTalk Maturity Assessment

If any of the following statements are true then the BizTalk Maturity Assessment should be able to help you:

  • Your organisation has invested in BizTalk but your not sure if your using it correctly
  • Your organisation is struggling to deliver and manage BizTalk implementations
  • You have a team implementing a BizTalk project and you want to ensure they are putting your organisation in the right place to get the best from BizTalk after the project is complete
  • You are working on a BizTalk implementation and you want to ensure your doing all of the right things to give your project the best chance of success
  • You are an integration specialist and you want to help your customers see that you are doing the right things and also to help them understand areas you would like them to improve


How can the BizTalk Maturity Assessment help you?

Using the results of the BizTalk Maturity Assessment you should be able to visualise the current state of your capability and to measure your maturity in each area. This will then help you to work out which areas you should focus on to improve your capability.

You can then use the BizTalk Maturity Assessment to ensure that the improvement initiatives are making a difference and improving your maturity.  The below pictures show the before and after state of a customer who had used the BizTalk Maturity Assessment to guide improving their use of BizTalk.  You don’t need to be an expert to see a significant difference was made.