Recently Mulesoft published a case study about a customer who had implemented a solution with BizTalk Server but were having lots of problems with it.  After a while they engaged with some vendors and decided to move their entire solution over to the Mulesoft platform.

Its not an uncommon problem generally in the IT industry where a company has problems and the software must be to blame.

Well if you read the case study its pretty blatant that the software must have been badly implemented but there is also some dubious organisational aspects to the case study which really stick out even though the case study only goes into a limited amount of detail.

The net result of this customer scenario is they have probably spent ££££+ on implementing BizTalk in the first place, then ££££+ more implementing the same solution in Mulesoft.  The net result is they will probably still have problems with the solution but maybe just slightly different.


Could we have potentially saved you ££££+

If only the BizTalk customer in this case had looked at the BizTalk Maturity Assessment.  They could have downloaded for free the BizTalk Maturity Assessment and completed it and worked out exactly where there problems were.  I have a feeling if they looked at their current position around how they use BizTalk they would see something like the below:




The great thing about the maturity assessment is that it can help you to workout where you are now.  Theres lots of lower level views of your maturity to see if your problems are in development, infrastructure, operations, analysis.  It covers the whole range of areas around integration projects with BizTalk.

I think if the customer had completed the assessment they could then see why they were having problems and decide if the best course of action was:

  1. Go to a new vendor anyway
  2. Look in more detail at the areas your struggling with and seek some help to fix them


Which ever choice the customer took I suspect they would learn a lot about their own ways of working which would help them do a better implementation on which ever technology platform they use.

If you would like to see an example of how we have worked through similar problems with other customers in the past check out the Case Studies or Introduction Video.